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As has been reported here over the last few months, dStudio has moved to Lahaina, Hawaii and now is the "Imaging" portion of Island Printing & Imaging.

For our new friends and customers in Hawaii, the work presented below has been produced during the first half of 2012. The various Portfolio pages represent projects from over a number of years. Even though everything here was produced while located in Chico, California, the skills and processes involved are exactly what has been installed at Island Printing & Imaging and will continue with the same quality and dedication to doing outstanding work.

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Reid Applegate Art Collection Photography
David Gillhooly Art
Ongoing Restoration of WWII Soldier's Portrait Painting
Painting Recreation / RestorationThis is a long-term project to create a new print on canvas to replace the well-worn original. The paint on the original has been literally falling off due to neglect. It can be recreated, it just takes time and a lot of patience!
Kris Hackleman Prints From Digital Illustrations
Kris Hackleman Illustration
Suzanne Lorenz Prints From Digital Photographs
Suzanne Lorenz Photographs
Sal Casa Art Photography For Competition Submission & Prints
Sal Casa Art
Dave Simcox Prints From Original Watercolor Paintings
Dave Simcox Art
Tanya Mullen Prints From Original Silk Painting - Prints on "Fabric Paper"
Tanya Mullen Art
Scans of Family Slide Archives
Slide Scanning for Archival Purposes
Greg Stanley Prints From Oil Stick Paintings on Hemp Board
Greg Stanley Art
Charlene Zilius Prints From Digital Photo Files
Charlene Zilius Photographs
Virginia Wright Prints and Art Greeting Cards From Watercolor Originals
Virginia Wright Art
Jack Alderson Panoramic Photo at 2011 Burning Man Festival
Jack Alderson Photograph
Shot taken from home-built balloon platform.
Curtis Auld Paintings Reproduced on Canvas and Art Greeting Cards
Curtis Auld Art
Scans of Historic Family Letters and Documents
Scanning of Historic Documents
Family history preserved in digital files to be shared with family members.
Mary Wurlitzer Digital Photographs Printed on Canvas
Mary Wurlitzer Photographs
Michael Mulcahy Original Art Reproductions
Michael Mulcahy Art
Lucinda Wood Original Watercolors in Prints and Art Greeting Cards
  Lucinda Wood Art
Polly Tripp Digital Photographs Turned into Prints
Polly Tripp Photographs


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